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Free Farid Hilali June 1, 2008 This is the newest action for Farid Hilali. The second action is still active, and I left it at the bottom of this one. Farid Hilali has had all communication attempts continually frustrated whilst he continues to be incarcerated within the Spanish Prison system. He has also had money directed to him to enable him to pay for stamps, letters, and food being denied to him, with the Spanish authorities still not transferring this amount to his account or refunded to his solicitors who sent the money. Details of this intentional interference include :- • Legal correspondence continues to be opened, read, and in some cases not given to him. This is a clear breach of the client-solicitor privilege. • A letter was sent to him recorded delivery on the 14th April from his UK legal representatives. More than 1 month later, despite the prison signing for this correspondence, he has still not been given this letter. • His legal conversations are also recorded and listened to as well. This is a clear breach of his client-solicitor privilege. • A significant sum of money was transferred to Farid Hilali’s client account to enable him to pay for items that he needs whilst incarcerated that was sent from his family so he could stay in contact. This has been retained by the prison with no explanation as to why. Obviously, all the above cause him undue stress and make preparing and defending his legal case extremely difficult. Cynics would argue that this is exactly what the Spanish want, knowing that they have extradited an innocent man whom in a fair trial with an unbiased jury would be cleared immediately. This is in addition to the threat of violence and intimidation that dogs Farid daily as perpetrated by the Spanish Authorities.This is another example of “Spanish Practices” which have one aim : to prevent a fair trial and a fair opportunity for Farid Hilali to clear his name.

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